Monday, 17 February 2014

My skincare regime

I have had a very bad past experience with eczema, which lasted for the first 16 years of my life, until I started following a good skin regime. I had tried everything possible, from various steroids to different emollients. Nothing at all seemed to work on me, until I decided to accept that this was the fate of my skin condition. However, when I got used to a good skin routine, which I carried out daily without fail, my skin condition improved. Today, Alhumdulillah I have no eczema on my body or face.
It took me a while in finding the perfect moisturiser, cleanser and toner for my skin type. I experimented with a few products until I got to the perfect combination of products which best maintain my skin. This routine works best for me, there may be some products in my regime, which do not suit other people’s skin type. I have dry skin, therefore most of my products are aimed to keep my skin soft and hydrated.

Daily Products
Carrying out my skincare routine in the morning helps me wake up and feel fresh. It also motivates me for the rest of the day.

Initially, I wash my face with the Simple facial wash. This feels very light and moisturising on my face. I use this product daily, as it has no harsh chemicals, which may cause adverse effects on my skin. This product lasts long and is easy to massage your skin with, as it glides over your face smoothly.

After patting my face dry, I use the Simple cleanser on my face with cosmetic pads. This product is my favourite in my entire skin regime. It gives a nice cool feeling on your face, which is absolutely perfect every morning. This product plays a major role in helping my skin recover from breakouts. I highly recommend this product more than any other product. It also gives your skin a natural, radiant glow. It is perfect for removing face makeup. Rather, than investing on makeup removers, I would recommend this product for daily cleansing and makeup removing.

Thereafter, I use my Simple toner, with cosmetic pads to close all open pores, which may result in outbreaks. I have experimented many toners on my face and this toner has worked best for me. This step is not essential for everyone. Most people miss the toning step; however toning has improved my skin, which is why I make sure I tone daily.

Finally, I moisturise my face with Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream in the morning. However, before going to bed I use the Vitamin E night time moisturiser. This is the most important step in my regime, as I have very dry skin. This means that I have to take time out to moisturise my skin efficiently. These moisturisers are great, as they are not too heavy on my skin and at the same time they keep my skin moisturised throughout the day. After using these products I noticed a huge difference with my dry skin issues.

Weekly Products
I exfoliate my face weekly with the Clean & Clear Exfoliator. This thoroughly cleanses my face, and leaves my skin soft and clear.

I do not apply makeup on my face daily, therefore my skin does not require a thorough cleanse with a foamed cleanser, but I do apply makeup probably once or twice a week. If I apply face makeup, I need to ensure that it is removed properly, before I retire to bed. The product that has worked the best for me is the Simple foamed cleanser. This works best for removing all traces of foundation, powder etc.

In order to remove eye makeup I use the Simple eye makeup remover. I have only recently started using this product. So far it has worked well for me.

Miscellaneous Products
Besides the above mentioned products, there are some products which I do not use on a daily or weekly basis. Instead I use these products, when I am travelling or when I do not have the above mentioned products available. These products are used very rarely.

I use Nivea cleansing wipes when I am travelling, to remove my makeup. These wipes do not give me any adverse effects on my skin. They remove makeup quickly and leaves a cleansed surface on your skin. I would not use these daily, as using wipes do tend to irritate the skin.

I also use the Vitamin E face mist, which is an essential for travelling. I use this product when I feel tired or when my face feels dehydrated. This product instantly gives my face moisture and leaves my skin fresh. This is definitely one product which I would always keep as part of my travelling essentials.

This is my complete skin care regime, which I have followed for the past year. This has really helped my skin condition. For anyone out there who has eczema, I would really advise to not give up on finding the cure. Different things work on different people. The skin condition will improve one day. Jazakallah for reading this post. I hope it is beneficial for those people who are looking for a good skin routine.

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