Saturday, 1 March 2014

How to prevent a cold/flu

Living in England can be a very big disadvantage during the never-ending Winter. Recently, I have constantly been hearing people falling ill with the cold and flu. I myself suffer from the cold or flu at least twice yearly. therefore, I decided to do a post regarding this dreadful, tear-jerking virus that has been going round. I initially wanted to do one post on this topic, but due to the fact that this topic is so vast in itself; I shall be splitting this topic into two sections.This post shall be about some precautions that can be taken to avoid catching the cold/flu. My next post, which I shall post very soon will be about how to deal with the cold/flu when you already have one. The things I shall be mentioning are mostly things that have worked with me, or have been advised by professionals in this fields, or things that i have found out through research.

1. Practice good hygiene. Washing your hands regularly is the key way in fighting germs and bacteria off your hands. This will avoid transmitting cold and flu viruses. Also, avoid touching your nose and eyes, as this is where cold and flu viruses are transferred, which usually causes an infection. Keep household surfaces clean at all times, and make sure the things that come to contact with your hands the most, are constantly kept clean.

2. Get vaccinated

3.Consider supplements if needed. For example, if your body has a lack of vitamins ensure that you buy them from your local pharmacy, as this would help keep your immune system strong.

4. Keep as healthy as you can. Try to ensure that your meals have enough vitamins and minerals. Eat your five a day fruits and vegetables. Eat leafy, green vegetables, as this really helps in boosting up your immune system. Try to eat food with a lot of phytochemicals in them.

5. Control stress levels. Research has shown that people with higher stress levels, have a weaker immune system. Chronic stress does affect your immune system and makes you less resistant to infections.

6. Exercise regularly. Taking a walk, even on a cold day can really boost up your immune system.

7. Stay warm.

8. Don't smoke. Smoking can block your airways and therefore make you more vulnerable to infections.

9. Drink lots of fluids! Staying hydrated helps to maintain your body system. It also helps to cut down on symptoms.

10. Take precaution beforehand. A cold and a flu usually starts with a fever. Ensure that you do not wrap yourself up when you have a fever. Keep yourself cool. Washing your feet in cold water usually bring your temperature down.

Those are the ten important things to take care of during the winter season. Thank you for reading this post. I shall soon be posting on how to deal with a cold/flu if you do get one.

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