Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Role of a Muslimah in society

Assalamualaykum W.W,
Recently, I have been thinking about how muslim women are perceived in society. These thoughts were provoked when I was asked how I would like to contribute in society. Being a woman who wear hijab and purdah I thought the contribution I could make was very little, however the recent course of events in my life have completely changed this opinion for me.

After spending 8 years studying Islamic Theology, I came to point in my life where I wanted to contribute to society but I did not know how my voice could be heard or how anything I could do could possibly make a difference in my life. Little did I know that the oppurtunity would come right to my plate without me realising. After my graduation, I wanted to keep myself busy so I applyed for a teaching job in a school and Alhumdulillah I got it. This was the start of my journey to becoming something I never thought I could be.

Now being only 6 months into the learning journey, I can already feel the effects of my hardwork within the lives of my students. It it truly a very rewarding and satisfying feeling. Teaching made me more confident and driven. I learnt to put in all my effort into what I as doing. Being a part of a child's learning journey is beautiful, as what I teach would mold the child's personality. This can also be quite a daunting and pressurising feeling and I was often scared that one mistake from my part could affect a child's impression on their religion.

After going through this experience, I realised that the reason muslim women are known to be anti-social and hostile is partly because we do not make a effort where we can to integrate into society. It is our duty to make our religion look like the best religion. It is our duty to portray ourselves to the world in the best manner. We need to go out into the world and contribute. We need to be driven and motivated, then only will we see the fruits of our efforts. W cannot sit at home, reading the news and then complaining about the opinions of people who probably have not even had a good encounter with a muslim woman. We need to be good  ambassadors of our religion. 

One example that really strikes me is the example of Fatima Fahriya, who was the first person to get a university built. She was not motivated but she saw a vision, which benefits the whole world even  today. We cannot sit back and expect the world to change. We need to be the change. We were not sent to this world to be complacent and settled. We were sent to work hard in the path of Allah. The only way we can change the perspective of how people see muslims is if we live among these people and work among these people, within the laws and boundaries set by the shariah. Our religion was not made hard for us, but we are making it hard for ourselves. We need to live our lives with a clear vision and focus, and not allow the news to distract our goals. 

This life is so short and we are running out of time. All we have in this world is time and it is up to us to use it wisely. We will be questioned on every minute we waste. I am not saying that we all need to start teaching, but the only message I want to put across is that do what you can in this world for your religion. Benefit people as much as you can, whether its through your words or whether its through your actions. Go out of your way to help people. Show to people that you are following the best religion. Have pride in your identity. Be clear, thorough and efficient in what whatever you do.
This is my sole reason for starting this blog. I don't want to limit the contributions I make to society within the four walls of a school. I want to do everything I can possibly do to make a difference. Every big thought or idea starts with small baby steps. I know by experience that starting something is the hardest bit. I have just done the hardest bit, 

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