Monday, 7 April 2014

Revision tips/ Studying tips

As the exam and hard core revision time is coming up, I have decided to do a post on revision tips and techniques. Everyone has different ways of studying. This post shall mention a few techniques, which have helped me and the people I know.

1. Make your notes presentable. Make your notes look neat and organised. Having messy notes that are all over the place will only put you off revision. It will also allude you into thinking that you have a lot to do. Having a good presentation would motivate you.

2. Make your notes fun and colourful. Having colourful notes helps you enjoy studying.

3. Make a revision timetable. Spread out your work and set a specific amount for each day. Make a timetable from at least a month before so in this way you will be stressing less with last minute revision.

4. Use a checklist. Make a list of all the topics you need to cover. In this way you will avoid missing things out and you wil be able to keep track of your revision pace. Also, try to keep a checklist for each day by setting targets that you want to achieve by the end of the day.

5. Use your mornings wisely. Personally, the amount of work I do in two hours in the morning would probably take me up to double the time if I try doing the same work in the evening. Be a early riser and try getting most or all of your work done whilst your mind is awake and alert. To help you wake up early, make sure you have a fixed sleeping routine.

6. Use highlighters. My textbooks wnd notes are filled with highlighting. Highlight the main and important points, as this would help you remember them and focus on them more.

7. Use post it notes. Use these for keywords that you need to learn. Stick them on your mirror or your wall so that you familiarise yourself tw these words. Stick them to your computer or laptop screen, to ensure that your looking at them often.

8. Finish your revision from a week before the exam starts.
This will help you avoid last minute revision and make you panic less. In this way you would not be staying up all night before the exam. Rather you will be fresh and alert by having a good night sleep.

9. Try practice questions and past exam papers. This will familiarise you with the types of questions you may get in the exam. Often there are repeated questions in the exam, which have already been used before. This will also help you get an idea of how much you know and how much you still need to concentrate on.

10. Go through past tests that you may have had. This will help you see where your past mistakes were, therefore you will refrain from making the same mistakes in the future.

11. Take regular breaks.
Don't work constantly without taking breaks. This will only put you off working.
12. Make mind maps. 
This is a technique that a lot of my teachers have advised. This really helps when there is a lot to revise.

I hope this post is helpful. These are just a few tips so feel free to add more in the comments.

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